The Importance of Leveraging Learning Apps as a Learning Tool for K-12 Students in Nigeria

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Technology in the 21st century has significantly transformed the way students learn and it continues to play a pivotal role in the Leveraging of Learning Apps as modern Learning Tools to help students of all ages learn effectively and efficiently in an ever-changing digital landscape.  


With more people getting access to mobile phones including kids under the age of 18, mobile learning apps are increasingly being seen as the future of learning due to their flexibility and ease of use with mobile gadgets increasingly becoming simple to operate as kids even have mobile tablets specifically made for them. 


One of the positive impacts of technology on education is the continuous adoption of learning apps to help bridge the learning gaps for students all over the world.

Regardless of location, with the use of learning apps, students can learn from anywhere and at any time thereby breaking down the barriers which once existed around access to quality educational learning resources. 


The e-learning industry is expected to surge at a compound annual growth rate of 21 percent through 2027 to hit $1 trillion. Learning apps are sure to continue to play a pivotal role in the future of education and students in Nigeria can not be left out in the transformation learning app provides for educational development.  


Learning apps typically have a very simple to use interface and this is one of the reasons why its adoption is growing fast and the impact of the covid-19 pandemic made it more glaring that the educational sector needed to become more digitized, thereby creating a need for learning apps tailored to k-12 students. 


The importance of leveraging learning apps as a learning tool for K-12 students in Nigeria can no longer be overlooked as Nigerian students need to be equipped with modern learning tools. This learning how to use this tools would significantly help them compete with their counterparts in the developed countries.

Learning apps provide a means for students to get engaged after school and keep on strengthening their knowledge during holidays when school isn’t active. 


Leveraging learning apps also helps prepare students for life-long learning after secondary school as Universities are not left out of transformative change learning apps provide. Therefore exposing k-12 students to the power of using learning apps in their formative years helps them build a solid foundation for learning. It also prepares them to become adaptable to learn with ease when they find themselves in a high tech environment later in the future. 


Learning apps such as the Skooleeo learning app can help transform academic learning and performance for students in kindergarten to pre-university. The app is simple to use and has a fully responsive interface. Any student can use the Skooleeo learning app regardless of their age and start learning on the go. The Skooleeo learning app allows students to personalize their learning and makes learning fun for students. 


With the Skooleeo learning app, students no longer have to worry about catching up on school subjects when they miss school e.g. they get sick as the Skooleeo learning app provides learning resources for students to catch up on all their favourite subjects. 


Providing access to interactive learning tools such as videos, flashcards, presentations and more, the Skooleeo learning app helps students to increase their mental and learning capabilities to achieve their academic goals. 


What makes the Skooleeo learning app stand out for k-12 students is that they can over 32,000+ learning content across subjects all from the Skooleeo learning app. The app can also be used to prepare for qualifying exams such as Common Entrance, BECE, WAEC, JAMB, and Post-UTME. 





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