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Time management can be defined as the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and personal productivity. 


Every student irrespective of their age needs to learn how to manage their time effectively as having an understanding of how to use one’s time effectively has a major impact on a student’s life in general and especially academically. Especially for students in examination classes, the need to understand how to manage their time effectively can significantly help them to prepare ahead for their exams and pass with flying colors. 


As technology continues to shape how k-12 students learn, more students in Nigeria are beginning to learn online using online learning apps such as Skooleeo which brings added flexibility, broader perspectives, and improved learning conditions collaboration, it is important to help students understand the need for time management especially with the distractions of social media apps which significantly hinder study time, time management tips are of utmost importance to be taught to students. 


Effective time management not only helps students with their learning and academic goals but can also help students become responsible adults in their personal life as they mature. 


Time Management Tips 


Remove distractions 

One of the major causes of distractions for students today is social media. A lot of k-12 students want to keep up with their pairs and what they are doing online, therefore guardians/parents must ensure that students under the age of 18 are regulated with their use of social media. For students who leverage online learning apps such as Skooleeo to study and prepare for exams, social media apps should be removed from devices containing learning apps to allow for maximum focus. 



Students should learn to plan their time ahead 

One of the keys to effective time management for students is to learn how to plan their time ahead and on a daily basis. Students can make use of a daily schedule to create a daily list of what they want to do daily which helps them be aware of how they would spend their time daily and help them to effectively manage their time. 


Students should avoid multitasking 

Multitasking refers to the concept that one splits their attention on more than one task or activity at the same time. This is not an advisable trait students should cultivate. Students must be taught to focus on one thing per time such as Focusing on one assignment at a time, reading a book per time etc. Students should learn to arrange their tasks in order of importance, and pay attention to the most important tasks that require the most effort. It is important that students concentrate on what needs to get done in the present and avoid anything too far-off or trying to do five things at a time. 


Students should get adequate sleep 

Sleep is essential to rest the body and keep the mind fresh. It is important that students get adequate sleep as studying 24hrs in a day is advisable. Rather a balance must be struck between activities that contribute to a student’s academic performance and activities that contribute to a child’s wellness and mental flexibility such as enough sleep and rest. 

Published on Sep 14, 2021
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