How the Skooleeo Learning App is Solving Online Learning Challenges for Students in Nigeria

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With the ongoing worldwide corona pandemic, the education industry in Nigeria has had to take a massive blow with a lot of learning organizations not being prepared for the disruption the pandemic has imposed. The disruption which currently exists in the Nigerian education industry has revealed the gap which Nigerian students at the primary and secondary levels face when it comes to learning in the 21st century, as learning traditionally occurs in classrooms, however, this doesn’t have to be the only norm as the disruption has revealed learning needs to move online, and online learning is the future.  

With the pandemic, most students couldn’t keep up with learning due to the absence of alternative online learning platforms which focus on the Nigerian curriculum to help them keep up with their learning. Hence, the need for online learning platforms to help ensure that Nigerian primary and secondary school students keep learning despite national or global emergencies in the near future is highly important. 

The skooleeo learning app is an online learning app built with Nigerian students in mind. The skooleeo learning app helps to make learning easy, fun, engaging, and accessible for all students in primary and secondary schools. With the goal to help digitize learning and help students learn anytime and anywhere. The skooleeo learning app help students get access to online learning.

With the skooleeo learning app, students get access to quality educational resources tailored for Nigerian students. The app offers personalized learning features, so students can learn in an engaging and immersive environment. The learning contents and resources available on the app cuts across videos, past questions, slides, flashcards, podcast, to suit the various learning preferences for students. 

The skooleeo learning app has made online learning is easier with the use of quality animated videos to keep students engaged, the use of presentations to aid and supplement lessons taught as well as the use of flashcards to help aid retention. In addition to the quality learning resources available on the skooleeo learning app, the app consumes less data and space on the mobile phone 

making it accessible to all regardless of their economic status.

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Subjects such as Maths, English, Mandarin, Numeracy, Literacy, Physics, Chemistry, and more are all available for students in primary and secondary schools.

Although, schools have re-opened, and students have returned to physical classes, there is no denying that the future of learning for students is no longer offline rather it would be digital and online.

You can download the skooleeo learning app for yourself, kids or students on the google play store here.


Published on Sep 10, 2021
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