Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. A school administrator can create and modify school fees to be paid for each grade. You can also view a list of students that have paid their school fees and amount outstanding.
When you open an account for your school, you have a sandbox environment where you get access to the full suite of Skooleeo.
There is a one-time activation fee of N49,900, after which you are billed per student per term. See the pricing page for more details.
Skooleeo has an analytics tool that monitors and processes the performance of students. This enables students to know their academic strengths and weakness, and how they can improve.
You cannot directly signup as a teacher. Your school will have to do that for you by creating a teacher profile from their dashboard. If you move to another school, your profile will simply be transferred to the new school.
Skooleeo connects a student’s profile to the parent’s account. When signing up as a parent, ensure you use the same phone number you provided to the school so your child’s profile will appear under your account.
Yes, it is possible for both parents to have concurrent access to their child’s account.
Yes, you can. You can also have the children on your account attend different schools.
You can pay your children’s school fees through Skooleeo. As far as the school has setup fees payment on the platform, outstanding fees will appear there. Payments are transmitted directly to the school’s account through Flutterwave.
You can own a student account in two different ways. One is through a school that creates your student profile, in which case you sign into Skooleeo using the Student ID and password given to you by the school. The other is by signing up directly and accessing the learning centre.
Skooleeo does not rent or sell any user data to third parties. We take the security and privacy of user information very seriously. All personal information is kept secure and entirely private. See our Privacy Policy for more details.
Yes, it is possible for both parents to have concurrent access to their child’s account.

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